Full Survey of 7,605 Swiss Public Limited Companies

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How good are we really at diversity? As of July 2020, there are 7’605 public limited companies in Switzerland with more than 50 employees. For the first time in 2020, GetDiversity has published a full survey on diversity in the management of all medium-sized and large public limited companies in Switzerland. Why? Because we want to create transparency about the extent to which a successful Switzerland functions in which all talents can contribute their skills in the best possible way.

Two good news. First, there are already 274 companies in Switzerland that live a 50/50 distribution both on the board of directors and among authorised signatories. In this publication we call them “Diversity Champions”. Second, a total of 1’453 public limited companies, or 19% of all companies surveyed, already comply with the soon-to-be-valid gender benchmarks for boards of directors of listed companies of 30% without any legal obligation.

And the others? 3’032 of the companies evaluated, or 40% of these public limited companies, have no gender mix either on the board of directors or among the authorised signatories – 2’965 operate without women, 67 without men in positions of responsibility. 4’961 or 67% of the companies do not have a single woman on their board of directors, 132 no men. There are 3’528 board seats at medium and large companies in Switzerland that are filled by women. These women already have board experience. So they exist if you want to find them.

13’643 authorised signatories in Swiss companies are female. These are women who basically carry a lot of responsibility.

There is the right person for every mandate – we find them.

Esther-Mirjam de Boer

Carla Jane Kaufmann

Entrepreneurs GetDiversity GmbH

Women are sensitised to the topic of diversity and inclusion. And men? Annoyed? – Possibly. And I can understand them. Diversity is an abstract term that doesn’t come close to factually reflecting what it means in business. Diversity also seems to me to be an employment programme for women from time to time. I have heard many a female HR boss say “They do that to keep me busy”. And by “they” I mean the men on the carpet floor. I am far from starting a gender war 2.0 here. In view of the current global political and economic situation, that seems to me neither appropriate nor purposeful. But we have to look at diversity – from diversity of opinion to diversity of education – as a resource. A resource that, from an economic point of view, gives us a decisive competitive advantage, especially in tense times: those who have diversity in their companies can make faster and smarter decisions. And in times of and after Corona, that is precisely what is of central importance. We can no longer go down long, complicated decision-making paths. The pandemic is forcing us to be much more agile. And the winners in this game will be those companies that have absorbed agility and diversity into their DNA. Because it will be precisely these companies that will bring more agile and intelligent solutions to problems in the face of crazy and constantly changing conditions.

Gentlemen, do you want “more of the same” in this pandemic or is this not becoming a risk that could cost a lot of money?

Gentlemen, we are here. Well educated women of all ages with often multi-diverse (educational) backgrounds. Let’s solve the current challenges together. We don’t have time for anything else.

Sandra-Stella Triebl

Founder & EntrepreneurNetwork

Expert & Board Consultant

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